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Prices 2024

Prices for Fishing at Springrock



  • Pods - £30.00 per 24hr Fishing £20.00 per person per 24hr with pod

  • Fishing with bivvy £20 per person for 24hr

  • Non-fishing guests £5.00 per 24hr

  • Deposits required upon booking, amount depends upon the booking - no booking held without deposit - if cancelled within 7 days of arrival no transfer of date or refund is offered.

  • £50.00 cash bond for any damage caused to our equipment required on arrival refunded upon departure providing no damage caused to equipment!

  • (Arrival time 12pm check out of pod at 11am to allow for cleaning prior to next arrival)


Springrock Rules 

  • Only cradles, nets and weigh slings provided are to be used - damage bond deposit required on arrival £50.

  • No Fires at all or bbq’s on grass.

  • 2 Rod limit at all times.

  • All anglers must have Rod Licence.

  • All anglers must have a Carp care medi kit - please treat hook holds damaged scales etc every time please avoid eyes and gills-fish care is everyone’s priority.

  • Fish to be returned to the water ASAP!

  • Please ensure all nets mats slings are wet prior to use

  • Keep fish over cradle for picture

  • Barbless hooks only

  • Alarms must have remote receivers

  • No fixed leads they must be easy to eject if fish get snagged

  • No fixed rigs

  • No sacking of fish allowed

  • No trout pellets or tiger nuts

  • Fish are to be kept at ground level at all times anyone stood with a fish will be instantly banned!

  • Keep close to rods at all times use common sense, unattended rods will be reeled in

  • No guests/visitors (only those booked)

  • Anti social behaviour will not be tolerated at any time please keep noise to a minimum.

  • Alcohol is to be at a minimal we will ask you to reel in if we feel it’s been excessive, fish care is our priority.

  • Radio/Tv allowed but volume to be a minimum to consider all others on site and our neighbours.

  • No litter please check swims constantly and pick up all litter anyone leaving a mess will be banned it’s unnecessary!

  • Please do not dump unused bait in margins also clean up any dropped/spilt bait to avoid attracting rats keep the swim clean at all times.

  • Rules may change at any time please check upon booking

  • Bailiffs word is final.

  • Arrive without the required items above and you will not be fishing (no refund offered!). All rules in place to protect our fish and consider all other anglers and guests on site. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone. Anyone caught breaking rules will be banned.

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